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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zinc Cafe YUMMY!


Located in the cute, downtown area of Laguna Beach and a walk, skip, n' a jump from the shore, Zinc Cafe is a cute Vegetarian find, even for those who are carnivore eating...!

Unlike the usual almost "hippy dippy" atmosphere of many animal-free eateries, Zinc Cafe is chic, eclectic, and gourmet. They offer a vast array of deli goods (my fav!) that are purchased by the pound, coffee drinks, and even Peonies by the bunch! To top it off they sell grain free, gluten free cookies, could we ask for anything more?

My Nutritional Tips:
-Use the deli counter to pick exactly what you want and dont forget the veggies!
-Treat yourself to Dark Chocolate or Gluten Free treats
- Check out their selection of bottled tea for a low sugar beverage!

Give it a try and lemme know what you think.

350 Ocean Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651-2322
(949) 494-6302


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