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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finding Guidance Through Pain

Like many Yoga Instructors, I love my job. I love the smell of a sweaty Yoga room, and the release of a Restorative class. Yet, somewhere along my path, I began to lose sight of my intentions. I found myself suffering. To put it plainly, I found myself injured. Overworking my muscles in various activities and also during my classes, I began to feel pain almost all of the time. The sensations would move; knees, lower back, elbows. I went to the doctor, got sent to another, and then came home to my own feelings of despair and depression. So, I took a bath. And while immersed in Lavender bubbles and Epsom salts I began to listen to my pain. I tuned into my own inner frequency and realized that my worst fear had come true; teaching so often had allowed me to really lose sight of my own Yoga practice. I do belive that this constant imbalance was a major contributor to my physical pain. In honoring my bodily pain, I have decided to cut back my teaching schedule. And, my body already feels better.

Moral of the story: tune in to pain, physical or mental. Allow it to guide you, really letting yourself listen. As mundane as it may sound, your body is trying to tell you something. And as added incentive, review the picture I have posted above to see what NOT listening can do.

Nuff said!

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Warm Up with Organic Coffee

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quotes to Live By:

Attempt to seek and understand the beauty of your own truth; personal beauty resides in letting go of your leash on perfection.
Maybe today, take a modification in your Yoga practice. Or rest with a cup of coffee. Dig into yourself even deeper and find that a piece of peace might take you further than you would expect.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Quotes to live by:

" Yoga is probably the most perfect form of exercise. It cultivates the body's capacity to relax and drastically reduces the negative effects of stress. With regular Yoga practice we breathe better, we sleep better, we feel better. "

- Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
by Stephen Cope

Patience for Practice?

Ever thought about trying yoga? I was asked recently if Patience was "needed" to practice.

And I thought about this for a while.

And then realized that if patience was required for Yoga I wouldn't have any students!

We practice Yoga to find Patience and to find some sense of Peace. Depending on the day this may big or small.

So, give Yoga a try. At least then, patience aside, you can enjoy what this ancient dance of breathe and movement has to offer.