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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Warm Up with Organic Coffee

Feel the need to kick caffeine to the curb? Instead, do your mind and body a favor by purchasing an Organic Brand instead. Without the use of pesticides and additives, enjoy your cup of joe knowing that you are closer to the source. And for more information...

I recently purchased Fresh and Easy's Organic Coffee and am pleased with both the price and product. To find one near you check it out:

Happy sipping!,



  1. I love that you are not against drinking coffee as part of a wellness routine. I love coffee, the warmness and peace it brings all over, the sense of beginning. Thanks for the organic recommendation!

  2. You are welcome Amanda! Thank you for your positive feedback. I do think coffee, if it is organic, works well for some, not all, people. Like most things, it comes down to the individual. Sounds like you and I would both give this a thumbs up. Smiles!