Yoga & Nutrition Specialization


A true California native, Alexis Lauren Galvez first found Yoga as she browsed books at a local health food store, and was greatly influenced by her Grandfather who was an avid Yoga student. She was immediately drawn to the aesthetic beauty of Yoga, and later by the mind calming and altering affects of a committed practice. As the years passed, and through countless hours of reading and practice time, she found herself inspired to become a Yoga Teacher; allowing her to finally share the blessings of Yoga with her students, friends, and family. From there, she decided to study Holistic Nutrition and began to learn the amazing ability to use food as medicine for the body and mind. It is this openness and passion that Alexis hopes to bring to each of her clients, imparting her love for Yoga and Nutrition, movement, and awareness to each Practitioner. Alexis Lauren is truly excited and gratified to be a NEXT Lead Ambassador and looks forward to imparting her inspiration and knowledge on Health and Wellness; encouraging aliveness, on and off, the mat. Along with being a certified Yoga Teacher, Alexis is also a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, a Pure Barre Fitness Instructor, and a Loyola Marymount certified Yoga Therapist.
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Alexis Lauren Galvez